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Arroz Congri

How to Make Arroz Congri in 50 Minutes with 15 Min Prep and 35 Min Cooking Time See in our recipe.

Ingredients for Arroz Congri

  • 300 g basmati rice
  • 150 g Mexican beans, canned
  • 80 g green pepper, diced
  • 80 g red pepper, diced
  • 2 g thyme
  • 200 g onion, chopped into small cubes
  • 1 bay leaf
  • 60 ml olive oil
  • Hot water
  • Salt
  • Black pepper

How to Make Arroz Congri

  • Basmati rice is washed and soaked.
  • The pot is heated to medium heat. Onions and peppers are sautéed.
  • The rice is filtered and put into the pot. Spices are added and water is added and left to cook.
  • When the rice absorbs half of the water, the canned beans are washed, drained and added to the pot and left to cook.
  • After cooking, it is rested for 10 minutes and served. Enjoy your meal.

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