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Komec Steamed

How to make Kömec Steamed Recipe? Illustrated explanation of Kömeç Steamed Recipe and photos of those who try it are here. Author: sule dalbudak

Ingredients for Kömeç Steamed Recipe

  • a kilo of turkey
  • a cup of bulgur wheat
  • an onion
  • a teaspoon of olive oil
  • salt

For the above;

  • chili pepper

Kömeç Steamed Recipe Preparation

What is Kömec? It is a green clover-leaf-like plant that grows on its own in vineyards, fields and empty lands in Kilis. It is abundant in this season, it is collected and sold in wheelbarrows. I know that it grows in Kilis region. It is now grown in some regions. We buy the köme that you collect by hand from the market, bazaar or field. We wash a fine powder of soil abundantly and chop it just like chopping spinach, and put it in a strainer, now it’s time to cook it, we cook it as a stew. For this reason, we sprinkle a row of chopped kömeç and a row of dry bulgur in the pot, prepare it in layers and put it in the oven, it is cooked in its own juice and steam in six halves without leaving any water. We take the cooked food from the stove, set it aside, cut the oil and a small onion into it, fry it and pour it on the last. Ayran with pickles is also indispensable, it is cooked in every Kilis house once a year and eaten with pickles and sprinkled with red pepper powder on the table, bon appetit.

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