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Okra Fries

How to make Okra Fries Recipe? The illustrated explanation of the Okra Frying Recipe in the book of 122 people and the photos of those who try it are here. Author: Seçil Gurcan

Ingredients for Okra Fries Recipe

  • 500 grams large okra
  • a total of one cup of cornmeal and breadcrumbs mix
  • liquid oil
  • seasonings of your choice

in the presentation;

  • a bowl of garlic yogurt

How to Make Okra Fries Recipe

  1. Sort and wash the beans.
  2. Put water in a pot and boil it, add lemon salt to it. Never add salt.
  3. Throw the cleared okra into the boiling water, boil it until it turns light color and drain.
  4. Put oil in a pan. Add the spices and salt you want to the corn flour and breadcrumb mixture and mix.
  5. Dip the boiled okra in this mixture and throw it into the heated oil.
  6. After everything is browned, transfer it to the serving plate.
  7. Add yoghurt with garlic when serving. It’s delicious, I recommend it.

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