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Olive Oil Leek

How to make Leek Recipe with Olive Oil? Illustrated explanation of the Olive Oil Leek Recipe in the notebook of 470 people and photos of those who try it are here. Author: TASTE FROM MY KITCHEN

Ingredients for Leek Recipe with Olive Oil

  • 1 kg of leeks
  • 2 onions
  • 4 carrots
  • Half a cup of rice
  • Half a glass of olive oil
  • 1 piece of sugar
  • Salt
  • more than 1 glass of water
  • lemon juice for topping

Leek Recipe with Olive Oil

Let’s clean the leeks and carrots and cut them on a diagonal. Thus, they do not open while cooking. Slice the onion lengthwise like a salad onion. First, let’s put the onion in olive oil and turn it a couple of times. Let’s add the carrot so that it turns light color. Let’s add the leeks and turn them upside down slightly to release their juices. Add salt, sugar, rice, boiling water to it. Let it cook on low heat for 35 minutes until the leeks are soft. Let it cool in the cooking pot and transfer it to the serving plate. Let’s rest in the fridge. Let’s drizzle lemon juice on it and serve cold. Enjoy your meal.