Raw Cheesecake

See our Recipe for How to Make Raw Cheesecake in 45 Minutes with 40 Minutes of Preparation and 5 Mins of Cooking Time.

Ingredients for Raw Cheesecake

  • 240 g egg yolk
  • 250 g sugar
  • 1100 g cream
  • 800 g cream cheese
  • 20 g gelatin sheets
  • 50 g cherries (Frozen)
  • 40 g blackberries (Frozen)
  • 30 g sugar

For sub base

  • 200 g dried apricots
  • 80 g dried pineapple
  • 90 g ground almonds

How to Make Raw Cheesecake

  • For the subfloor; After crushing the dried apricots and pineapple in the robot, mix the powdered almonds and pour them into the mold as a thin base.
  • For raw cheesecake mousse, take the cream in a bowl, beat it with a mixer and keep it in the refrigerator.
  • After fluffing the egg yolk and sugar with a mixer, add the cream cheese and the cream in the refrigerator. Melt the leaf gelatin on the stove and add it to the mousse.
  • Boil the cherries and blackberries with the sugar in a small saucepan and puree them in the processor.
  • Pour the mousse over the sub-base, leaving a 1 cm gap at the top. Mix the remaining amount of mousse with the fruit mixture in a bowl.
  • Then fill the mold by pouring in a wavy way and freeze at -18 degrees.
  • Serve cold, garnished with blackberries or cherries.